Changing Places facility


What is unique about the Changing Places washroom is that people with a wide range of profound disabilities (both learning and physical) are able to use it. These individuals require extra space and equipment when using the washroom. The Changing Places toilet allows these individuals to use the washroom safely and provides a comfortable environment for them and their carers. 

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Some of the facilities that Changing Places washrooms should be installed are:

  • Educational facilities (i.e. universities and colleges)
  • Hospitals and other health centres 
  • Sports facilities 
  • Leisure facilities (including hotels)
  • Popular buildings in town centre (i.e. libraries, civic centres, town hall)
  • Stadiums and auditoriums 
  • Transport terminals (i.e. railway stations and airports)
  • Various cultural centres (i.e. art galleries, museums, concert halls)
  • Shopping facilities (i.e. malls)
  • Motorway services

 It may seem like installing a Changing Places washroom within your business would only increase your expenses. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are three reasons why installing a Changing Places washroom will benefit your business:

  1. Installing a Changing Places washroom opens your business up to a larger clientele and potential revenue
  2. Individuals who are part of the disabled community enjoy sharing their experiences in accessible establishments which can give your business free, positive press
  3. Installing a Changing Places washroom is a perfect way to give back to the community, which is something that benefits both you and your customer

Many individuals with profound learning and physical disabilities are not able to use the standard accessible washrooms. The standard accessible washrooms do not provide the proper equipment, such as hoists or adult changing tables. The individuals who would benefit from the Changing Places washrooms usually need at least one carer with them. The standard accessible washrooms do not provide enough space for the disabled individual and his/her carers. In standard accessible washrooms, individuals must risk their health and safety and often have to be changed on the dirty bathroom floor. 

A Changing Places washroom includes:


  • An adult-sized changing table that is height adjustable 
  • A tracking or mobile hoist system


  • A toilet that has space on either side for the carers
  • Enough space for the disabled individual and up to at least two carers
  • A screen/curtain that gives the individual and the carers some privacy 

Clean Environment 

  • Tear off paper roll that covers the changing table
  • Large waste bin for pads or other disposable items
  • A non-slip floor

Change a life

As long as people have to stay at home because there are no washrooms for them, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, get in touch today and start making the difference.

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